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What's a Sales Funnel? What's a Funnel Site?

A typical sales funnel as well as a sales funnel website has 4 stages: Awareness, Interest, Decision, and Action.

So what are a sales funnels and what's funnel site?

2 very important questions and I'm glad you asked! Let's dive into both.

According to Wikipedia, by definition a sales funnel also known as a purchase funnel is a consumer-focused marketing model that illustrates the theoretical customer journey towards the purchase of a good or service. Think of a sales funnel site as an active website, or the final step in a long process. It's where your potential client or customer is put into an environment where he or she is called to act and make a decision. In the case of business make a purchase from that business or their website. Sales funnel websites are a great sales tool for any business. It gets people to find, learn about, and buy products or services easier and more efficiently. A sales funnel and sales funnel websites are a hand holding process basically. It gives customers "funnel vision", instead of letting customers walk blindly and in the dark through your place of business online or off, you hold their hand throughout the process and help them make a purchase from your company.

A typical sales funnel as well as a sales funnel website has 4 stages: Awareness, Interest, Decision, and Action.

Awareness Stage - This is where your product or service is introduced to the public. This stage is typically accomplished with ads. Think billboard for offline advertising and Google and Facebook ads for online advertising. The awareness stage is where you let people know who you are, what you have for sale, what are its benefits, and how you are different from the competition.

Interest Stage - Also known as the "offer " stage. This is where you lure your customers into your sales funnel or sales funnel website with an offer they CAN'T refuse. Usually some sort of discount, exclusive access, free guide, limited time offer, etc…. Here you can be really creative and offer something unique to your audience.

Decision Stage- This is what I like to call the "learning curve". Reason being this is where you help your potential clients or customers make a DECISION. You can accomplish this through an educational video about your product or service, a compelling sales letter explaining your product or service's benefits, how you are different or even better than your competitors, etc… This stage right here is crucial because your potential customer or client HAS to have their "Ah-hah" moment. They have to see how your product or service will benefit them and why they should buy it.

Action Stage- Ok, You're in the final stretch! So here's where you create a sense of urgency. In this final stage, the action stage of your sales funnel you have to introduce a sense of urgency "one time offers", "limited quantity ", "offer ends in 30 mins!", etc…. You give the potential customer a feeling that if they don't act fast and NOW they will miss an opportunity. I also find that adding a timer helps customers make a quick decision and is a great call to action motivator.

Great now you know what a sales funnel is! Tell me what’s in your sales funnel, and I will tell you what type of success you have in store for you! An airtight sales funnel is essential for maintaining a steady flow of customers. If your business sells a product or service having an airtight sales funnel can provide great value to you and your business.

If sales funnels and sales funnel websites interest you check out my blog post on An 8 step guide to creating an effective sales funnel website!


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