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Review + Pricing of Animoto Alternative 👉 Content Samurai Video Maker

In this article, I will be reviewing the popular video creation software Content Samurai...

I will list off all of the pros and all the cons you should take into consideration before purchasing this video creation software.

Video marketing is a not so new but still relevant, very attractive and fast-growing digital marketing strategy that EVERY business large and small should incorporate into their overall business strategy to remain competitive.

According to Hubspot video has absolutely dominated social media networks. Think about it? Remember the days when Facebook used to only have primarily text in its news feed? And also do you remember when Instagram used to mainly be a pictures only platform? ..... Videos have TAKEN OVER.

A recent HubSpot Research report states that four of the top six channels on which global consumers watch a video are social media channels. Furthermore, a video featured on a landing page is capable of increasing conversion rates by a WHOPPING 80% or more!! And in email marketing mentioning the word “video” in your subject line increases open rates by 19% according to Hubspot.

So now with all of these eye-popping statistics, you might ask yourself… How should I implement video marketing into my overall business strategy?

The simple answer is to start making videos! But I'll be the first to tell you that if you are like me and you have NO technical background or experience in video editing. Creating and editing videos ISN'T EASY...

Now insert Content Samurai...

Content Samurai in my opinion has and WILL CONTINUE to revolutionize the online video marketing industry. Their one of a kind platform makes it SUPER EASY to drag and drop READY MADE video templates into your online dashboard for easy and simple video creation. Whether you want to make a promotional video, an explainer video, demonstration video, and just about anything else you can think of! Content Samurai has got you covered!

In this article, I will be reviewing the popular video creation software Content Samurai...

I will list off all of the pros and all the cons you should take into consideration before purchasing this video creation software. I should note that I am a little biased because full disclosure I am an affiliate of Content Samurai and I also use Content Samurai on a regular basis and I used it to create THIS AWESOME video. But nonetheless, I will still give you my unbiased opinions based on the facts.

Pros of Content Samurai

Speed - I created this video in under 15 minutes. And I have absolutely NO technical background, knowledge, or skills in video editing or creation. So if I can do it you can do it too!

Automatic Timing Adjustments - Content Samurai's smart video editing technology takes the guesswork out of editing your video timing, you just simply drag and drop your ready-made video templates into your online dashboard and let Content Samurai do ALL the heavy lifting. They will time your scenes PERFECTLY. If you want you can time the scenes yourself if you're more of the hands-on type. But if you are lazy LIKE ME! I would just let Content Samurai do its thing. Why try and reinvent the wheel? If it ain't broke don't fix it!

Automatic Scene Merging -

Again Content Samurai has got you covered when it comes to editing videos and merging scenes together seamlessly and PERFECTLY together.

Artificial Intelligence -

Artificial Intelligence in this software is AMAZING. They way they just understand the message and tone you're trying to convey is outstanding! For instance, I created a iViralX Scam Review video which I will include in a link below, and without me even having to look for images and scenes to illustrate my point, Content Samurai knew EXACTLY what I was trying to say and the EXACT point I was trying to make. Don't believe me? Check out the garbage truck scene in that video...PRICELESS!.

High-quality ready-made video templates

I think it's safe to say that Content Samurai knew what they were doing when they built this software. They've included ready-made video templates ln all of the most common industries including Healthcare, Construction, Technology, Sales and more.

Cons of Content Samurai

Template selection is limited

If you want to be super creative and are using the free to the low-cost version of this software your selection of ready-made templates is going to be limited so I would find a template that works best for whatever you are trying to accomplish with your video or upgrade to the premium package.

The voice-over audio sounds too computer-generated

Some of the voice over artists included in the software sound really robotic, and this can be a negative when trying to emphasize a point in your video using this software.

Not much selection of stock photos or easy integration of your own

Not so easy to integrate personal images into the video, for instance, I wanted to add a screenshot for my iViralX review video but I couldn't figure out how. Now it may just be user error on my part but I couldn't figure it out.

Pricing as of October 19, 2019, is:

$0 for 7 Days

$47 per month

$397 per year (30% discount!)

Now you will notice that the Pros FAR outweigh the Con's and that's not me being biased (ok maybe a little) but these are ACTUAL facts based on this software system so I couldn't make it up if I TRIED!

So in conclusion, if you are an affiliate marketer, agency professional, or entrepreneur looking to grow your video marketing strategy hopefully this review video of Animoto Alternative, Content Samurai armed you with all of the information necessary, was helpful and makes your decision process a lot easier.


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