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An 8 step guide to creating an effective sales funnel website

Having a powerful message and voice is extremely important in the world of commerce at large.

To get your sales funnel website going, follow these important 8 steps. The goal is to create a well-designed landing page that captures your prospect's contact info. Once you gain their email address and start building your email list, you can keep in contact with your leads as you nurture them through each stage of your sales funnel website.

Step 1 - Copy! Copy! Copy!

Having a powerful message and voice is extremely important in the world of commerce at large. Think about, if a company wrote a 2 line message on their homepage saying "Hey this product is great! You should buy it!" Is that a convincing enough sales pitch for you? It isn't for me. So with that being said, you HAVE to have amazing sales copy-writing in order to have a high converting and effective sales funnel website. It's just that simple. If the words on the page don't move people or inspire them to take quick and decisive action then everything else is pointless, your sales funnel website just won't work no matter what you're selling or even how good it is. Your potential customers need words (or video) to motivate them to buy or take the actions you want.

So again you NEED to have an outstanding sales copy in order for your sales funnel website to work and be effective at converting ad traffic into sales or leads. If you're not a good copywriter you're in luck because you have options: you can either hire a sales copywriter to do the writing for you or invest in some really good copy-writing software.

Now let's weigh out these 2 options:

Option 1: Hire a copywriter

This option may be suitable for some people but I highly doubt it's suitable for most. The reason being is that if you want a good copywriter, it's gonna cost you and it can potentially cost you A LOT in most cases. According to WebFx, you can expect to spend around $150 per page for Blog Post copy-writing and around $5,400 on an Online Guide type of copy-writing. And from what I hear the better the copywriter or more in demand he or she is the higher the price, simple supply and demand economics(some charge $15,000+!). But again it all depends on your situation, your financial wherewithal, and what you are looking for exactly. If this option works for you and you want to shop around Fiverr has some freelance copywriters you can choose from at affordable rates.

Option 2: Invest in Copy-Writing Software

This option, in my opinion, is the most convenient and affordable option. It's a flexible, customizable, and the easiest option around in my opinion. Instead of paying a sales copywriter upward of $15,000+ (and here's a little secret they probably use this or other software themselves and charge YOU $15k! for their "expertise ") I'd much rather invest a couple of hundred dollars into a really good copy-writing software and write the darn copy myself! So if this option works for you (it did for me!) then I would look at Funnel Scripts for your sales copy-writing software needs. It's ALL they do!.

Step 2 - Plan and design

You want your sales to funnel landing page to look professional. Enlist the assistance of the pros to help you get the design right – remember, first impressions are everything. A sub-par landing page is going to stop your prospects before you even get started. You can check out sites like Upwork and Fiverr to find copywriters and designers who can help you out with your sales copy and design. Ideally, you’ll want to work with one designer and copywriter to create your entire funnel so you can keep the look consistent.

Step 3 - Create your landing page

Hire a website designer to design a landing page for you. It may take a little investment, but the quality of work is worth it. To make it easier on your budget, you can link your PayPal account to your Upwork or Fiverr account. This way, you can pay using your PayPal credit instead of having to have all the cash upfront. Or if that's too tedious and time-consuming you can subscribe to a sales funnel builder website like ClickFunnels, Leadpages, GetResponse, or Unbounce.

Step 4 - Capture your audience’s attention 

Once you have your email list, you can start producing content to keep them interested. Ensure that all of the content you create, from blog posts and social media content to videos, looks professional. Keep your quality standards high, or you’ll start to see prospects falling through your funnel.

Step 5 - Start weaving your web

Keep your leads moving with stats, facts, and testimonials to build trust – let them know they’ll get real value if they make a purchase from you. You can also use an upfront offer at this point, such as a download for an eBook or an instructional video. This can be free or inexpensive, but it’s meant to hook them for the upsell that comes next.

Step 6 - Create a sense of urgency or scarcity

Within your sales funnel website use powerful emotions to encourage your leads to act. For example, you can use a time-sensitive offer to encourage them to buy, such as 20% off if they buy your product in the next two days.

Step 7 - Provide value and close the deal

Keep offering your leads and even your current customer's value with deals, promotions, or special offers. Set up a carefully designed payment button so that it’s easy for your customers to make a purchase. Price your items so they’re attractive – the old $9.99 trick really is effective as it makes people feel like they’re getting a good value.

Step 8 - Analytics

Once you have your sales funnel in place, keep an eye on where people are staying engaged and where you may be losing prospects. Then, make adjustments – whether you need more awareness or capture content, your "Buy" button needs to be a different color, or you need to improve your product or service – or the price – to make it more attractive.

Remember, the tighter you make your sales funnel, the easier it will be to lead those prospects all the way through until the end!


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