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7 free ways to boost your Instagram followers organically

Instagram is a fantastic platform for cultivating your online tribe. When you post engaging visuals that are interesting to your audience, you’ll keep your audience’s attention, keeping them focused on your brand.

Instagram is a fantastic platform for cultivating your online tribe. When you post engaging visuals that are interesting to your audience, you’ll keep your audience’s attention, keeping them focused on your brand.

But first, you have to boost your follower count. Growing an Instagram following doesn’t happen overnight, but with some effort and by implementing a few fool-proof techniques, you’ll start gaining more and more organic followers. Use these tips to boost your Instagram followers for free.

1. Follow others

Need followers? The easiest way to boost your social following is to follow other people. It really is that simple. I mean it's called social media for a reason right? So be social! When you show others love, for the most part they tend to show it back.

Following other people demonstrates to your audience that you’re definitely not a "cyber snob." Even if you become a major Instagram celebrity, following others shows you’re capable of being humble. This is a trait that people like to see today – let’s face it, we’re living in the post-digital era, and people are starving for authenticity and genuine community!

An important note – I don’t suggest following people just to follow them. Look for other Instagrammers who are aligned with your values. Follow those who are in your niche or who are related to what you do and are passionate about. Think quality over quantity. This is how you’ll gain more followers who actually are interested in checking out your posts – if you follow 100 like-minded individuals and 50 follow back, that’s 50 NEW quality followers than you had yesterday!

2. Be social

Instagram is, after all, a social media network. It’s not just about promoting your brand and getting people to pay attention to you. You also should interact with other Instagrammers. Comment on posts that you find interesting, like other people’s content, and tag them. It’s even a good idea to interact with other Instagrammers within your niche – you may even be able to do some business relationship building or set up some collaborations this way!

Remember, the more you put into it, and the more authentic you are with your comments, likes, and tagging, the more of a genuine response you’ll get from others.

3. Narrow down your target demographic

Who are your ideal followers? Beyond your friends, family, and coworkers, what does your Instagram tribe look like? Who are they? What interests them? What issues inspire them? Be ultra-specific when it comes to identifying who your target demographic is. This will help you to tighten up the content you post on Instagram because you’ll know exactly who you’re publishing for – what tone of voice, color scheme, types of images, etc. that they will resonate with.

4. Do your research

When it comes to creating Instagram content, you want to dig deep to really understand your audience. As you start building a following, pay attention to who they are – their average age, ethnicity, gender, values. Ask yourself (or you can ask them!), why do they follow me? What about my Instagram posts would be of value to them?

Also, try to get an idea of what your followers prefer. Do they comment the most on your entertaining posts? Are they more engaged with informative content, the most aesthetically pleasing posts, or maybe your inspirational content? Do they seem to like stand-alone images or Instagram Stories?

5. Brainstorm

This is where you can get really creative. Once you have done your research and have a clear idea of what type of people are interested in following you and why, you can start brainstorming ideas to come up with engaging Instagram content. Come up with content ideas that will interest your audience, and that will add value to their lives. This is the winning formula for boosting your Instagram followers because you won’t just get more followers, you’ll get more followers who actually engage with your posts. And, brainstorming is free!

6. Execute your Instagram plan

Now, you can start getting to work, creating posts that your audience will interact with. To add even more value to your Instagram experience – and to drive revenue for you – you can also create a product or service and integrate it with your Instagram strategy. For example, you could create an eBook that offers your followers answers to questions they have or teaches them how to do something and then link to your product through your bio. You could offer a webinar or consulting services. You can also promote products through affiliate marketing or sponsorships – it’s up to what works for your business model.

7. Giveaways

This method isn't TOTALLY free depending on what you give away. But people love a good giveaway! Advertise yourself on the network by buying ad placement and determine how much you can afford to give away, in what form, and the legalities involved if any.

The best part is, over time, as long as you are also giving your followers content they love, they’ll give you back the most valuable type of promotion there is – word of mouth marketing. When they share your content with their friends and possibly family members, you’ll gain more interested, like-minded followers. All you have to do is sit back and watch your followers grow.


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