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5 Tips on how to create shareable content

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Having a lot of shareable content is not only a great sales and marketing tool but it will also boost your domain authority, helping your website to rank higher on Google’s search results pages.

The more engaging your content is, the more likely people will share it. Which means – more views and traffic, the more people will recognize your brand, and, more of your target market will trust your brand. Here's the thing, trustworthy brands are the ones consumers prefer to buy from – according to a 2018 consumer survey, trust matters to 92% of consumers, with 65% saying it matters a lot!

Having a lot of shareable content is not only a great sales and marketing tool but will also boost your domain authority, helping your website to rank higher on Google’s search results pages. So, what can you do to ensure you’re publishing shareable content? Here are five tips you can start using right away that will make your content share-irresistible!

1. Strike an emotional chord

If you can trigger an emotive response with your audience, you can compel them to hit the share button. People feel more connected to the content that makes them feel something, which, in turn, inspires them to pass on that emotional experience and share it with their peers. Inspiring quotes, endearing customer stories, and emotional videos all work well. So try and base your content on 7 basic human emotions:








2. Use frequently shared formats

When Moz and BuzzSumo looked at the common traits of content that gets shared, they found that people tend to share certain formats over others. Quizzes, videos, and list-based articles all get shared more than other types of content.

3. Go in-depth

While short, easy-to-digest formats like the ones listed above get shared often, studies show that long-form, in-depth content also does well. Just how long does your content need to be? Long-form blog posts of 1,000 words or more statistically get shared more than shorter posts. Just make sure you don’t sacrifice quality to create a longer post. No one’s going to share your super-long, boring article!

4. Make it valuable

Everyone likes to be viewed as helpful, and we can all feel good about making someone else's day easier or even teaching them something new and interesting. What better way to do that than to send friends, family and coworkers insightful articles, solutions to their problems, or worthwhile advice? When you publish helpful content, you’re giving your audience something they will want to send to others. Make it valuable.

5. Entertain with your content

When your content entertains, it makes your audience feel uplifted. The human brain is hardwired to want to share positive experiences, which is why entertaining content is so shareable. So if your content makes people happy, makes them laugh, or even is a bit shocking, you will likely have your content shared amongst your audience's network of friends and family.

You can use these tips to create shareable content, but you will also pick up a few ideas from exploring the most share-worthy content out there. Look at your competitors’ popular content. Check out what’s getting shared the most in your industry by using a tool like BuzzSumo. And, pay attention to how your own content performs – if your audience loves sharing something in particular, by all means, give them more of it!

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