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10 Work From Home Fiverr + Upwork Gig Jobs You Can Start Today

There are literally HUNDREDS of work from home Fiverr and Upwork freelance gig jobs out there.

But in this post, I'm going to focus on the top 10 best sellers in my opinion.

Some of which require little to NO experience and can be started as soon as TODAY!

Also if you need help getting started with any of these gig jobs I am about to share with you.

I offer Fiverr and Upwork Starter Kit Services at heavily discounted rates for First Time Customers!

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Now let's get into it!

1. Logo Animations and Graphic Design

Experience Level - Beginner Friendly

Average Pay: $55 Per Hour

If you are an artist and good with Adobe, Canva, etc.... Logo Animation and Graphic Designs are the gig job for you. Businesses NEED brand identity. Every brand needs a solid logo to build upon, as a foundation for consistent communication with its customers. And that's where you come in. You will help businesses large and small develop amazing logos and a brand identity that can elevate them above competitors!

Top Selling Fiverr Graphic Design Courses Now Available

2. Content Writer.

Experience Level - Beginner Friendly

Average Pay: $40 Per Hour

Do you have a creative bug and a passion for making words come alive on a page? If the answer is yes then Freelance Content Writing is the gig job for you! Businesses need to find their voice and claim their own individual authority in the marketplace. Whether it's ranking highly in Google or communicating with customers through email. Businesses NEED good content writers to help them find their voice and communicate their message clearly to customers.

There are many categories and styles of writing you can choose from also such as:

Blog Content Writer.

Book Ghost Writer.

Sales Copywriter.

And much much more!

Top Selling Fiverr Content Writer Courses Now Available

3. Virtual Assistant.

Experience Level - Beginner Friendly

Average Pay: $25 Per Hour

If you are a very organized and detailed person that is able to multitask, becoming a Virtual Assistant is the job for you!

Virtual Assistants often called VA's, take the load off in a nutshell. Businesses hire virtual assistants to deal with the common hassles with running a business. Everything from customer service calls, data entry, or processing and fulfilling online orders. Virtual Assistants help businesses do it all!

Top Selling Fiverr Virtual Assistant Courses Now Available

4. Web Designer or Developer.

Experience Level - Intermediate +

Average Pay: $62.50 Per Hour

If you are an expert Coder or Web Developer, Freelance Web Design and Development is the gig job for you. In the new digital world we live in, pretty much everything is done and found online these days. So if you are a business you absolutely HAVE to have an online presence. But most business owners aren't that technologically savvy per se. So they will need to hire an agency or someone who is tech-savvy to help them establish their web presence, and that's where you come in.

Web Developers or Designers are tasked with building, maintaining, and designing a business's website or any other technical task that requires coding skills. These websites should be both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

And much more!rofessionals have an important role in the marketplace. If you're up for the challenge brush up on your JavaScript and get ready to code your butt off!

Top Selling Fiverr Web Designer or Developer Courses Now Available

5. Mobile App Developer.

Experience Level - Intermediate +

Average Pay: $75 Per Hour

If you can throw together a basic SaaS web app so fast it makes people's heads spin! Then App Development gig jobs are for you, my friend! In my opinion, mobile apps are the future. There will be no more websites. Anything you need to accomplish on the web will be done through an app.

They are cleaner, more efficient, and use up fewer data in my opinion. And businesses will NEED to have them. So if you are a talented Web and App Developer, have code that is tight and easy to maintain and support. You should have NO problem finding gig work on Fiverr or Upwork!

Top Selling Fiverr Mobile App Developer Courses Now Available

6. Product Photographer or Videographer.

Experience Level - Beginner Friendly

Average Pay: $75 Per Hour

Businesses need to capture the right image in the right settings to help illustrate the value that they provide, especially in the world of eCommerce and the best way to do this is with beautiful images captured by talented photographers or videographers like you!

So if you have a passion for capturing captivating images, or even have experience in beauty photo retouching for portraits and headshots. Or can adjust and fix exposure, contrast, reduce noise, etc. Product Photography and Videography gig jobs on Fiverr and Upwork are for you!

Top Selling Fiverr Product Photography and Videography Courses Now Available

7. Voice Over Artist.

Experience Level - Beginner Friendly

Average Pay: $100 Per Hour

Do you have a unique voice? Have you often been told that you should become a voice actor? Well, look no further because of Fiverr and Upwork offer voice-over artist gigs too! As a voice-over artist, you will often find yourself translating a company's words into speech, narrating training videos, or even becoming a company spokesperson in a radio commercial The possibilities are truly endless.

Top Selling Fiverr Voice Over Artist Courses Now Available

8. Ad Manager.

Experience Level - Intermediate +

Average Pay: $67.50 Per Hour

Are you a marketing whiz? Do you know how to persuade people to do things they know they shouldn't do but since you made them an offer that is soooo irresistible they just couldn't say no? Become a Facebook or Google, ad manager!

Both businesses large and small need people like you! As an Ads Expert and Digital Marketing Consultant, you are tasked with designing, implementing and managing Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns as well as Social media Ad campaigns.

You will work directly with business clients and provide your Expertise in:

Google AdWords.

Google Analytics.

Bing Ads.

Facebook Ads.

Twitter Ads.

And more!

So if you are able to successfully design, implement and optimize ad campaigns with modest monthly budgets.

Becoming an Ad Manager is the perfect online gig job for you!

Top Selling Fiverr Ad Manager Courses Now Available

9. Video Editor.

Experience Level - Beginner Friendly

Average Pay: $45 Per Hour

If you are a top-notch video wiz that can edit videos, and deliver them in the format best suited for your customer's needs.

This gig is for you! Video Editors have a great eye for capturing the moment. Business needs great video professionals to both shoot and edit videos for their company. Video is HUGE. According to HubSpot, 100 MILLION hours of video content are watched on Facebook alone!

Also, more than 50% of consumers prefer to see videos from brands instead, more than any other type of content. So video editing and recording services will be in HIGH demand for the foreseeable future.

Top Selling Fiverr Video Editing Courses Now Available

10. Music Production and Engineering.

Experience Level - Intermediate +

Average Pay: $35 Per Hour

Do you love music? Is it in your soul? I think it's probably fair to say that music and the music industry aren't going ANYWHERE right?

So why not join the ranks and enter into an evergreen industry with plenty of growth potential? As a Music Producer and Engineer, you are tasked with overseeing the entire production process from usually from scratch. From composing and arranging to mixing and mastering. You should be dedicated to bringing out the best in every artist, and strive for perfection when working with your clients.

Top Selling Fiverr Music Production and Engineering Courses Now Available

Now go out there and make the next hit single for the world to enjoy! Good luck!

There you have it my top 10 Work From Home Fiverr + Upwork Gig Jobs You Can Start Today!

If you like this post and found it helpful, please let me know on my Twitter page @funnellsites

Also if you need help getting started in any of these online gigs.

I offer Gig Job Starter Kits at discounted rates for new customers. So just shoot me an email and let me know what gig interests you!


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