About KC


I specialize in helping other entrepreneurs increase ad traffic conversions and find creative innovative ways to increase sales. So if you are hoping to grow traffic and generate more revenue, make more in profits, and stand out from the crowd then maybe I can help you with the informational content I publish on this blog. My accomplishments include:


Self—taught copywriter, webmaster, and affiliate marketer.

Work History:

10 years freelance blogging and selling online


Title: Chief Editor of funnellsitesblog.com

Other Info:

Started selling on eBay in  2007

Blogging Professionally since 2010

The oldest of 6


Whether you want to increase ad traffic conversions or find creative ways to increase sales, you need someone you can count on when it comes to sales and marketing strategies. I firmly believe that through thoughtful and creative writing you can grow traffic, generate more sales, grow your profits, and stand out from the crowd! So let's tackle this beast called internet marketing together and enjoy the bumpy ride along the way!

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